awisemansays asked:
hey, how are you

Pretty great(: Just got home from a weekend on the lake and I’m off work for a few days!



We need carbs to survive, people! It’s just a matter of picking the right ones. Don’t fear the carb.




This is beautiful.

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Send love…or anything..I’ll check out your blog.

Today went from the best day, to the worst day, and back to decent. I could really use something to distract me from how shitty people have been to me lately..I can’t keep up a positive attitude when I spend all day working a shitty job to try to pay for college, then come home to find people insulting my body and other people cutting all communication with me for no reason. 

So if you’re bored or just feeling friendly..send me a message/question/anything(:

Even just ask me to check out your blog.
I’ll do it!


men’s back muscles let you know that god is real

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